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Interview with Melody Wylde

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Melody Wylde posing in front of a pool

Melody Wylde is an amazing cute girl who started camming and modeling back in 2017. She is currently meeting success in her ventures as she has put on a lot of efforts, heart and strategy in pleasing her fans around the globe, while enjoying as much as possible what she’s doing! Melody just looks as an innocent little girl, but don’t be wrong – by her own words, she’s a very naughty and twisted hot babe! We are interviewing today Melody. Hope you will enjoy reading her interview as much as we had pleasure in questioning her about her life!

Cedric Amadei: Hi Melody! I’ve found you a while back on Internet, in your cam room. How did you get involved in camming and what did inspire you to become a cam model?

Melody Wylde: I had a roommate when I was working two full-time jobs and barely making ends meet as a single mom, and my roommate actually suggested I search for odd-jobs on craigslist to make extra money. I found an add for cammodels and brought the idea up to my roommate she was the one who encouraged me to give it a shot, and I can say that I am so extremely glad she did. Webcamming and modeling has changed my life in such a profound and positive way.

Cedric Amadei: I’ve instantly seen something very interesting in your person, in your look. Your eyes inspired me kindness, charm, fantasy, intelligence, hotness while being mysterious, soothing, playful and joyful… wow that’s a lot! Am I right? Or did I miss something?

Melody Wylde: Haha, I don’t believe you are missing anything and thank you, I’m flattered.

Melody Wylde riding a bike

Cedric Amadei: I love your Asian type and facial features. You were born in Japan if I am right, and you now live in the United States. Has it been hard to adapt to the good ol’ USA?

Melody Wylde: I was born and raised in Japan. I moved to the United States around 15, 16 years old and it was quite the culture shock indeed. I still miss Japan very much.

Cedric Amadei: You’ve grown your audience very fast. Has it been hard to grow? How did the use of social media help you?

Melody Wylde: I had some sort of allure with my viewers since the first day on cam, and since then it simply continued to grow. People love talking to me and I love good conversation so it’s just worked out on its own. I’ve been told that I’m very down to Earth. I actually did not start using social media until a few months after I started modeling and my camsite does not allow social media advertisement, my viewers find me on their own and I love seeing the effort they make to connect with me outside of work.

Cedric Amadei: How much do you enjoy camming? Are there any downside effects to always be publicly exposed on the net? How do you handle some negative effects of social media like scammers, bullying, people that are aggressive? Is respect of your person common or do you need to put in strict limits?

Melody Wylde: I appreciate and am grateful for how camming has shaped me and my life now, however, I do not see this as a career for myself. I am in college pursuing a degree in Computer Science which of course camming pays for. I have faced obstacles from those who disagree with my occupation, but I simply shrug it off and move on. There are always people who will try to tell you, you can’t do something, but their opinions do not decide that, they won’t stop me.

Cedric Amadei: About your fans. You seem to be very sincere to them, and want to manage real interactions. Can you tell me more? Do you have some pleasant anecdotes?

Melody Wylde: I just stay upfront and straightforward with my fans. I don’t lie.

Cedric Amadei: Do they provide you with encouragement which in turn motivates you to expand this community you’ve created?

Melody Wylde: My fans certainly encourage me all the time. Their support means the world to me.

Melody Wylde photo in front of her interview page on Mibogirl

Cedric Amadei: You’re ranking 5th globally on! Our visitors clearly love you… You’re also the favorite cam girl of this month! And our ranking feature really “feels” the people’s engagement to the listed models. Do you have some words for our users?

Melody Wylde: I literally had no idea that I am so loved. It really fills my heart with joy. I’ve never been popular in school because I always kept to myself, so being your favorite camgirl and ranking 5th on the site is such an honor to me. Thank you.

Cedric Amadei: And you’re also into video gaming! You’re the perfect woman. ;-) What do you appreciate in gaming?

Melody Wylde: Oh my gosh, gaming has always been my outlet since childhood. My family used to play the X-men, Lord of the Rings, Ultimate Alliance games all together on Gamecube and Xbox 360. Whenever my dad had to play a game solo, I would always watch his gameplay intently. To me gaming has always been and still is my biggest connection with people, even if I play a solo game like Skyrim, I would find other people that play the game for intense discussions about the game.

Cedric Amadei: Star Wars 8! Good film? Bad film?

Melody Wylde: Star Wars 8 was disappointing. There were too many scenes that didn’t flow in my opinion. Leia should have died in space, Snoke shouldn’t have died so easily, Ray being born a Jedi from nothing is unoriginal and disappointing, and I can go on. I love the character Ray and BB8 is adorable, but other than that, the new Star Wars series is uninteresting. To me, Star Wars ended at 6.

Cedric Amadei: About your experience with MetArt and photo shooting and modeling. How do you compare these experiences to camming? Is it more intense? What are the main differences?

Melody Wylde: There is a major difference between camming and modeling. Camming consists and utilizes customer service and service recovery which in itself entails a whole list of skill sets. Modeling feels less like work and more like being part of an art project. MetArt is an incredible company to shoot for and their photography/makeup crew is amazing.

Cedric Amadei: And how does it compare to making videos? What does it take to do a good, hot and exciting video? How did you start? Do you manage all the video tech and equipment yourself?

Melody Wylde: I do manage all video equipment myself when I make my own videos. I also do my own editing. Selling videos is about producing content and managing content as well as the customer service and service recovery that applies to camming. What I like about selling videos is that it is an investment that pays back when I’m idle, which is different from camming. I can’t put a doll in front of a webcam and make money when I’m at school, but I can post a video for sale and make money that way.

Cedric Amadei: How did ManyVids help you to grow your audience and your online presence?

Melody Wylde: ManyVids is amazing at advertisement no matter what rank you are on their site. They are extremely fair and great to work with. They have posted several of my blogs and I utilize their contests to make myself known.

Cedric Amadei: About roleplay. You’ve shown particular interest about roleplay and taboo roleplay. To be frank this is something I’m enjoying also! What was your most exciting experience? Just tell me something juicy!

Melody Wylde: This is probably actually more hilarious than juicy, but my ex and I were together we were very open with our fantasies. One time he had me play as an 18 year-old virgin prostitute that he had ordered and paid a lot of money for. I had pigtails on and had been mistaken as a 16 year-old that day by strangers so it wasn’t hard to get into character for him. During his first insertion I ACTUALLY BLED! It was so perfect, as if he was actually popping my cherry. What it was, was that I was coming off a type of birth control that had my menstrual cycle out of whack, and after that first insertion, I stopped bleeding. It was really weird how well that timing worked.

Cedric Amadei: Are you into soft (hidden) public exhibition? For the camera, I mean.

Melody Wylde: I like soft exhibition, that’s why I chose MyFreeCams and am loyal to MyFreeCams as my camming platform.

Cedric Amadei: Don’t take me wrong, but I personally find you very attractive and you’re my kind of woman. I love naughty and twisted women who know what they want. Is there a lucky boyfriend / partner currently or do I have a chance ;-) ?

Melody Wylde: I am recently single, but am sparking heat with a fellow gamer.

Cedric Amadei: What kind of men are you attracted by? What kind of qualities do you emphasize the most in your relations?

Melody Wylde: I love men who show maturity. I’m a mom therefore I’m looking for a father figure.

Melody Wylde’s signed Hustler magazine

Cedric Amadei: Congratulations for the Hustler magazine. The photos were top-notch. You must have been very proud! How was the photo shooting experience with them?

Melody Wylde: Thank you. My photoshoot with Hustler was a whole new experience for me. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Larry Flynt and had a tour of his building. They treated me so warmly and with extreme respect. I will never forget such a highlight of my life.

Cedric Amadei: What advice can a motivated person like you give to girls who are just starting up camming / modeling?

Melody Wylde: I advise new camgirls and models to be smart, use your brain, that’s how you’ll make it.

Cedric Amadei: And finally, what are your 2018 plans? What do you expect from the year to come?

Melody Wylde: For 2018 I am focused on school, gaming, and exclusive projects for select modeling companies which I won’t name until release. I’ve also hired a gym trainer to firm up my tiny soft body, which has had an outstanding result so far on my breasts. ;)

So many thanks to Melody for answering all our questions! That was a pleasure to meet such an adorable and exciting girl like you. It was just like listening to a beautiful and joyful melody. ;-)

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