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Mibogirl rebrands as SGirlsWeb!

March 29, 2020 | by Admin

Great news! Mibogirl is now rebranded as SGirlsWeb and the new website address! We hope this new name will please all of you as a new brand was needed to better match our mission: to build you a great web of sexy girls! So now we're listing SGirls and our Miborank algorithm (which is a behavioral algorithm ranking all girls based on all site’s users) is now the SGirlsRank! So the “S” here is free of interpretation: if you think it as Sexy, that's cool, Stunning or maybe Seductive? A Sensual Girls Web? Yep, that could make it… Salacious? Steamy? Yeah, why not! Have I heard… Sucking? Ok, we know we have very naughty girls onboard, so the new Mibogirl's name is also yours, make it what you want!

Now that this is accomplished, there will be more of:

- naughty and stunning hot girls;
- free sexy photos;
- porn product promotions and recommendations;
- users on the site;
- users’ features

And last but not least, we have a great new logo… Enjoy!

SGirlsWeb’s logo
Photo courtesy of MetArt ©

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