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Dakota Pink


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Dakota Pink is an erotic model.
She is born in Russian Federation.
Her ethnicity is Caucasian.
Her natural hair color is brown.

Dakota Pink stats
  • Content views: 50,000 - 100,000
  • Content downloads: 1,000 - 5,000
  • Content ratings: 50 - 100

More detailed bio about Dakota Pink:

Ok, who is Dakota Pink? She is an actress in Harry Potter, yep! No?

Dakota Pink is a stunning babe coming from Russian Federation. She has tits their President would be very proud, they are just amazing. Such a classy babe with a relatively “thin” body, with such huge tits… that’s some dream tits man. I am not sure the actress of Harry Potter has the same…

OK, now I will try to become serious. So she’s born in the Russian Federation in 1999. Her measurements are 37C-27-36, she’s 5’6” tall (168cm) and what we all want to know, her bra cup is 36D. Emma, hem, Dakota Pink has a very beautiful face, and a very mysterious look (because she can cast spells) and she’s brown-haired, sometimes she is blond colored and she is very beautiful like that, at least in my opinion. She’s modeling for the erotic sector, mainly for the MetArtNework, so no hardcore porn, sorry. She’s still a student, as she says. But she doesn’t say where she studies or what, too mysterious (although I have some idea lol). She just says she’s very smart and she flies to other countries for scientific seminars. Yeah, I imagine that well. Semenars, oops seminars are very pleasant and interesting to attend. How she flies to them is also let to your imagination.

More seriously, I like a lot her photo sets! She blends very well with nature, and she’s hot as fuck... She’s a natural girl, and I respect that a lot. With her high-resolution premium photo sets, you will be able to dive in her exquisite pussy, and she’s worth the price! Frankly, she has it all. So enjoy her while you can, as she may disappear in an instant!

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