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Lana Rhoades


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Lana Rhoades bio & info

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Lana Rhoades is an erotic model.
She is born in United States.
Her ethnicity is Caucasian.
Her natural hair color is brown.

Lana Rhoades stats
  • Content views: 5,000 - 10,000
  • Content downloads: 100 - 500
  • Content ratings: 10 - 50

More detailed bio about Lana Rhoades:

Difficult exercise to sum up Lana’s bio and life! Such an acclaimed and followed porn actress, living the full 100% exciting life to the maximum extent you can think of… Well, we will start with her beginnings, that will be easier.

What’s Lana Rhoades’ real name? She’s Amara Maple, born in Chicago, Illinois, on September 6th, 1996. Lana Rhoades graduated from high school early at age 17 and was already showing her exquisite body through cheerleading. She then moved closed to Chicago, and things started becoming serious from there when she turned 18. Starting some bar stripping adventure, then landed directly in the porn sector. Well, with such a hot girl, it was the bare minimum… I think anyone would fuck her for a straight 24 hours if he could have a chance to… (and the genetics/physics as well lol)

Then she moved to Los Angeles and started her porn career. She was very gifted, and she became popular very easily. She then made the cover for lots of erotic/porn magazines, received famous awards such as XBIZ and AVN awards, and been filmed by the most famous productions. I can understand that when you see how she handle easily being gangbanged and cum shot by big dudes…

She was so acclaimed that her success has grown outside the porn sector. Boasting 10 million followers on Instagram, more than 1 million on Twitter and currently claiming more than 300 million views on PornHub, we can safely assume she’s able to claim an exposure matching some mainstream well-known internet models. Now she’s embracing the whole independent film and fan platforms, with her OnlyFans account. Her claimed net worth is $20 million. That’s staggering!

So you can thank Lana for her amazing physical features: amazing blue eyes, very dense brown hair, an ass to dream off, a superb face, amazing tits, and frankly she looks like very naughty, she’s just a pure sex machine, look at her gaze! She stated that she lost her virginity at age 18 to the first man she married. Believe it or not…

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